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Erik grew up in southern Chile, where he developed a love for the outdoors and an interest in birds when tagging along with his older brother, who is also a keen birder. Family camping vacations in the mountains and forests of southern Chile nurtured his fascination for nature that later inspired him to pursue a career in biology.


Since his early years of becoming a birder he has travelled throughout Chile in search of birds, from the oasis valleys in the far north, to the high mountain valleys of central Chile, and further afield to the lush green fjords and barren steppe in Patagonia.


While in university he worked on a conservation research project of the endangered huemul deer in northern Patagonia and currently is working on a PhD in zoology, studying the ecology and evolution of island birds in Australia.  He currently spends his time between Chile and the UK, birding whenever he can.


Erik is an English native speaker.


Erik Sandvig

Birding Guide

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