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Heraldo Norambuena

Birding guide

Fernando, or "Feña", showed a special interest in birds that live around his neighbourhood since his childhood. He grew up birding in the fields and wetlands of Lampa, a few kilometres from Santiago de Chile, where he early developed abilities to observe birds. Feña has strong skills to recognize birds by song and his first serious approach to bird studies was when he has been invited to participate as a volunteer in waterfowl censuses and bird banding. This changed his mind and carried him to leave his current job as landscaper to devote to his true passion, Birds and Nature!


He has been traveling extensively through most of the habitats of Chile and several countries in South America, for birding and studying birds. He also spent 6 months banding birds in the US and Canada.


He enjoys spending time birding in the field, especially in the high Andes of Chile, where he co-leads a study on the charismatic Diademed Sandpiper-Plover. Feña is also one of the eBird-Chile reviewers and he is involved in several other bird projects with the Chilean NGO Red de Observadores de Aves de Chile (the Chilean Birders Network). He leads bird trips in Chile, Argentina and Brazil. During his travel he enjoys to show each possible bird, teach about their ecology and show every piece of nature.


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Fernando Díaz (Director and Birding Guide)