Botany: blossom in Central Chile

Central Chile, like other Mediterranean type areas, has well defined seasons, with cool and slightly rainy winters, and hot and dry summers.


In spring, landscapes change dramatically, and the green hillsides are covered by blossoming bushes and plants.


At lower elevations, spring occurs from September to October, while in the higher parts of the Andes, the blossom really begins only in December.


According to the time of your visit and the plants you are interested in, we can propose different botanic trips, for one or several days.


For example, during a visit to the Campana NP in September or October, where occurs the endemic Chilean Palm Jubaea chilensis and many other native trees, you can find blossoming Leococorine ixiodes, Puya chilensis, Puya berteroniana, or Tropaelum tricolor.


A 3-4 days visit to the Fray Jorge N.P. and surroundings will show you carpets of fantastic flowers, including Sarmienta scandens, Lapageria rosea, Rhodophiala advena, Alstroemeria magnifica, Leucocoryne purpurea, and many more.


Later in the year, a visit to El Morado Natural Monument at 2,500 meters elevation, will give you some of the most beautiful flowers of the Andes, like Tropaeolum polyphyllum, Schizanthus grahamii, or Rhodophiala rhodolirion.


Chile is also known for its high diversity of cacti, and for the beautiful forests of Nothofagus, and we will be pleased to organize a specific trip according to your interest.

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