Puma safari in Patagonia

Cougar and Mountain Lion are other names given to the beautiful Puma.


As with all South American big cats it you need to make a real effort to see a Puma and you will need to be very patient and a little bit lucky to have the chance to meet this impressive predator.


That said if you do want to see a puma in the wild, Patagonia is probably the best place to try it.


In many parts of Patagonia, it's possible to find great numbers of guanaco and this high density of prey is what makes those parts of Patagonia have the highest density of Puma in the world.


Knowing that, we will spend days scanning the landscape, and looking for dead prey, as pumas come back every night to finish their kills. Of course, while looking for Puma, we will find many other iconic birds and animals of Patagonia, like Guanacos, Rheas, Condors and Foxes.


To have a chance to see a puma, you should spend about 5 days (and nights!) actively looking for it. This calls for a fair degree of effort and stamina because first you have to find the kills and then to get the best chance of seeing the animals you need to wait near to the puma kills and they tend to appear in the evening/night.


During one of his last visit in Patagonia, our Puma expert, Fernando Diaz, had 10 different sightings on Puma in only 2 weeks!

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