Carolina Gatica


Carolina was born in Santiago, but her roots and relatives are from southern Chile. During her childhood, her father always took her and her sister to the countryside to reconnect with her roots and from those beginnings, her passion for travelling and adventure began. This motivated her to begin her studies in tourism in 2007, visiting various destinations in Chile. She also enjoys spending time in the Andes Mountains, where she has managed to summits several mountains, like Manquehue, Province, Alto Las Vizcachas, and Pochoco.

In 2011, she graduated as an Engineer in Tourism Management and now has 9 years of experience in this area. She has worked in various destination management companies (DMC), travel agencies, car rentals and hotels in the operations and sales department. Currently, Carolina is in charge of the operations area at Albatross. She is detailed-oriented and smoothly coordinates the different itineraries sent by the sales department, as well as negotiating with different providers to provide the best quality in services and price.