Cristian Pinto

Cristian was born in Santiago and started birding when he was a child with his father’s support. They used to visit the Batuco Wetlands, the highlands above Santiago and the southern forest during his childhood. In those days, they enrolled in SOCH (Sociedad Ornitológica Chilena), a now defunct ornithological association.

In recent years, he has collaborated with the Chilean NGO "Red de Observadores de Aves y Vida Silvestre de Chile" (ROC), actively participating in e-Bird’s early days in Chile and also as an e-Bird reviewer. He has led the census in the Maipo River estuary area for the Neotropical Waterbird Census organized by the ROC and Wetlands International for several seasons.

He has travelled through most of the habitats of Chile and several countries in South America like Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, and Argentina. The last one with a particular focus on natural history explorations in the Cuyo Region (Mendoza, San Juan, San Luis).

He is passionate about bird sounds and soundscapes, reflecting his love for promoting sound appreciation, deep listening and sound capture as a way to understand the ecological relationship between birds and their habitats. Nowadays, he maintains a growing collection of bird sounds on Xeno-Canto.