Cristofer De la Rivera

Birding Guide

Cristofer, was born in Santiago but grew up in Punta Arenas, where he developed a very deep connection with nature during his childhood in the amazing landscapes of southern Patagonia.

He later pushed through the (to him!) boring courses to become a Vet, fulled by his passion for wildlife and birdwatching. Soon after he started to travel and work, always in fields related to the study of the environment and looking for wildlife and birds.

Cristofer has been an expert wildlife guide for over 7 years (mainly in Patagonia), leading birdwatching trips, whale-watching in the fjords, and studying the Pumas of Torres del Paine.

He has made more than 100 landings on Cape Horn, and has international experience in whale-watching in Iceland, plus polar experience in latitude 78ºS in Antarctica!

Cris is the father of two and he and his wife live in Punta Arenas; where, when he is not leading nature expeditions, he works as the administrator for the (Steiner) Waldorf Kindergarten. Cris speaks fluent english.