Gilda Valderrama


Gilda was born in Valdivia, a city in southern Chile, surrounded by forests and wetlands. Since childhood she has been a great lover of nature and an enthusiastic birdwatcher.

She has a degree in computer engineering and marketing, and loves doing outreach work, so that more people can enjoy and take care of our environment. She also is a volunteer with various NGO organizations such as the Union de Ornitólogos de Chile (Chilean Ornithologist Union), in which she is an editor of the Facebook group “Aves de Chile” (Birds of Chile), and she is also a member of Red de Observadores de Aves de Chile (Chilean wildlife observer network), where she has guided free tours and participates in bird censuses.

She was first a client of Albatross Birding, where she took part in several tours to Arica-Parinacota, then Peru and Chilean Patagonia. In 2019 she joined of our team, collaborating on the topics that fascinate her, marketing and social networks. She brings to the team a unique perspective, with a comprehensive vision, having previously experienced the tours as a client.