Birding the Valdivian Rainforest


In Birding the Valdivian Rainforest we visit the Alerce Andino National Park, full of trees dripping with mosses and ferns. This park is simply a fabulous experience. The humid forests with exuberant understory hide numerous specialist species, often betrayed by their booming calls filling the forest.

Undoubtedly the kings of this forest are the spectacular Tapaculos. The large species Chucao Tapaculo and Black-throated Huet-huet, fill the air with their loud calls. For many this is the typical sound of southern Chile. Although they often scurry unseen between the undergrowth, playback can brings them darting out onto the trails.

While searching for them, we should also find Des Mur’s Wiretail, White-throated Treerunner, the abundant Thorn-tailed Rayadito, Ochre-flanked and Magellanic Tapaculo, Green-backed Firecrown, Austral Pygmy-owl, and with a little bit of luck, Magellanic Woodpecker and Patagonian Tyrant.


Birding the Valdivian Rainforest can easily be combined with our tour Chiloé Island: Penguin Colony and mudflats.

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    Starting time: pick-up at your hotel in Puerto Montt around 6:30 a.m. Note that starting may vary slightly depending on time of sunrise.

    See map insert for an overview of the route and main hotspots visited during the tour.

    Ending time: drop-off at your hotel in Puerto Montt around 5:30 p.m.