Burrowing Parakeets: Rio Los Cipreses NR

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In a fabulous Andean valley southeast of Santiago, shaped by the Cachapoal River, we find the Río Los Cipreses National Reserve. The park protects native spiny scrubland and a vast area of Sclerophyllous forest; fantastic habitat for many of Chile’s endemics. But the ‘show-stopper’ of this reserve is definitely it’s large colony of Burrowing Parakeets.

The reserve is home to an estimated 3.000 individuals of this Macaw-sized parrot, classified as Endangered in Chile. A sight to see! To see the colorful groups perched in trees or cliffsides, with their dazzling yellow, red, green and blue, is truly a treat. They’ll be a constant company throughout our stay, as they fly in boisterous groups overhead.

Walking through the scrubland we’ll focus on the endemics of central Chile: Moustached Turca, White-throated Tapaculo, Chilean Mockingbird, Chilean Tinamou and Dusky-tailed Canastero. However, many other interesting species are likely to be encountered: Striped Woodpecker, Chilean Flicker, Tufted Tit-Tyrant, Black-chested Buzzard Eagle, Magellanic Horned Owl, among many more.

Burrowing Parakeets: Rio Cipreses NR can easily be combined with our other tours around Santiago.

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Private trips can be organized any day from September to May.


  • Dazzling Burrowing Parakeets
  • 6 Chilean endemics



  • Relaxed pace. The day will be spend walking the trails of the park.


Ease of Birding

  • Many of the forest species are easy to see. Although, some understory species can sometimes be tricky. We will have ample time to tease out the skulkers.
What is included in this tour?
  • Pick-up/drop-off at your hotel in Santiago
  • Transport: SUV for 1-3 people, minivan for 4-6 people
  • English speaking guide with birding equipment
  • Snacks (fruit, nuts, cereal bars, water)
  • Picnic lunch
  • Park entrance fees
  • eBird checklists for the day’s stops
  1. Burrowing Parakeets: Rio Los Cipreses NR

    Starting time: pick-up at your hotel in Santiago around 6:30 a.m. Note that starting may vary slightly depending on time of sunrise.

    See map insert for an overview of the route and main hotspots visited during the tour.

    Ending time: drop-off at your hotel in Santiago around 5:30 p.m.


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