Payment and Cancellation Policies

Dear client,

Please read our payments and cancellations policies carefully before making any money transfers.


• It does not include the commission related to wire transfers, as this fee varies from one bank to the other.

• It includes Chilean taxes.


Please send your payment using the OUR option (there are BEN, SHA or OUR options, so please select the last one for wire transfers from abroad). Any additional bank fee charges are the clients responsibility. Please check with your bank beforehand to take the corresponding amount into account.

Day Tours


• For sums below USD$500, the payment can be done in cash directly to the guide at the hotel pick-up (either in USD$ or Chilean pesos)

• For sums exceeding USD$500, they must be paid by wire transfer or PayPal* to our account 60 days before your tour date.

* PayPal payments have an additional 6 % international service commission.


Cancellations will have the following charges:

Days before the tour Cost of cancellation
More than 60 0% of the total
60-31 20% of the total
0-30 100% of the total


The fee can be paid when boarding the boat, directly to our guide.

U.S. dollars must be in the most pristine, clean and well-kept condition to be accepted by the bank. This means no worn, scratched, punctured, marked or in any other way damaged bills. In any other case, please pay in our local currency (Chilean Pesos).

Long Tours


• MORE THAN 90 DAYS BEFORE YOUR TRIP: We will require a transfer for 20% of the total amount of your trip to confirm your reservation.

• 90 DAYS BEFORE YOUR TRIP: The pending 80% will have to be paid in full.

IMPORTANT: We will require 100% of the total amount to confirm your reservation in the case that you are booking less than 90 days before your tour.


Internal flight prices are quoted separately and the prices listed in any quote are referential. The final rate will be confirmed once we have issued the tickets.


• Wire transfer to our account

• Paypal invoice + 6 % for Paypal international service commission


Cancellations will have the following charges:

Days before the tour Cost of cancellation
More than 90 10% of the total
90-61 30% of the total
60-31 50% of the total
0-30 100% of the total

Release of Responsibilities

Albatross Birding Chile and its collaborators are not responsible for cancellations (flights, excursions, navigations, among others) or changes to the itinerary due to weather conditions, natural disasters, social conflicts (strikes, traffic blockades, protests, among others) that do not allow the proper functioning of our services.

Albatross Birding Chile is not responsible for any extra charges that may occur for the reasons mentioned above or for flight changes (even if the flights were issued by Albatross Birding Chile) that do not allow us to deliver the services previously established.

The opinion expressed by the guides and drivers during the trip are the sole responsibility of these and do not represent the opinion of Albatross Birding Chile

Albatross Birding Chile is not responsible for health problems or accidents occurred to passengers. Passengers must report any pre-existing conditions to take precautionary measures, we recommend traveling with travel insurance.