Pablo Caceres

Birding Guide

Pablo was born in Santiago. The natural world was magnet that that worked on him since as far back as he can remember. He has always been interested in nature: fauna, flora, mountains, oceans. He has dedicated important chapters of his life to each of them, but particularly to birds. He could mention many things that he likes about birds and nature, but there is a simple fact, which is that he is very happy enjoying a quiet moment surrounded by it.

After a lot of time studying and time spent in the field, you start to understand the interactions of the different species with their environment. It becomes so easy to be fascinated by how everything is connected, in a synchronic and perfect way. Everything evolves, changes and has permanent meaning.

Since 1992 he has been searching for species, habitat, places, etc. Always studying, fueling the desire to learn more and more. The more you observe and learn, the more there is to observe and learn.

He has had the chance to travel throughout Chile multiple times, including its islands. Additionally, he has also travelled to a large part of South America (Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Bolivia and Paraguay. He also was a guide on cruises to Antarctica. On family holidays, he has also looked for wildlife in North America and Europe. He has been guiding intermittently since 2006.