Paola Soublette

Birding & Naturalist Guide

Paola was born in Sydney, Australia. She has always loved nature and has dedicated most of her career to the study of birds and biodiversity conservation. She holds a biology degree from the Catholic University of Chile with a focus on ornithology, particularly ecology and conservation of terrestrial bird species. Her thesis project was a study of the distribution of bird communities in different habitats in central Chile.

Her professional work includes: participating in the “Neotropical Census of Aquatic Birds” (Wetlands International), conducting population and behavioral studies of aquatic birds in Ramsar sites (The Convention on Wetlands of International Importance), rehabilitating native fauna, conducting environmental education in schools and teaching about native species protection.

She has worked in National Parks, Reserves and Sanctuaries throughout the country, acquiring extensive experience in fieldwork and as a naturalist. Her knowledge of bird calls gives her a great ability to find and identify terrestrial birds. She has also travelled abroad; her curiosity for birds took her to Argentina, Colombia, Bolivia and Spain.

She has been organizing and guiding birdwatching and natural history excursions around Chile for 15 years and speaks English fluently.

When the birding season slows down she works in as a consultant in environmental impact assessments. She specializes in terrestrial fauna, advising companies to reduce impacts through mitigation, compensation and restoration programs.