Rodrigo Silva

Birding & Wildlife Guide

Rodrigo was born in Santiago, but moved to the countryside in the Maipo Valley, where he lives with his wife and daughters. He is a veterinarian by profession, but a naturalist by choice, combining guiding with activities in the fields of environmental impact assessments and ornithological research.

Due to his work he has traveled throughout most of the rural areas of Chile over the last 10 years, becoming an experienced local guide. He has a deep knowledge of all of Chile's wildlife, but has a particular interest for birds. He has a Masters degree in wilderness conservation and is currently co-leading, as part of the main Chilean birdwatching NGO (ROC), a research and conservation project for three Strom-petrel species (Elliot's, Hornbyi's and Markham's), which where recently discovered to breed in the Atacama Desert, the most arid place in the world. As an environmental consultant he leads bird and bat monitoring programs on wind farms and power lines.

During 2015 he made his first overseas trip, which was a full 6 months of traveling across Southeast Asia with family and friends. He recently made a second one, attending to the American Birding Expo in Philadelphia. This experiences has allowed Rodrigo to realize the singularities of his country. Now he is glad and proud to share them with our passengers. Beyond birds, he is a good travel partner and will help you experience the best of Chilean culture – its landscapes, food and, of course, wine!

Rodrigo has been guiding for Albatross since 2012 and he is currently one of our main guides, leading private and group tours all over the country. He has also led tour extensions for Wings and co-led for Field Guides.

Everyone, from hardcore birders to nature-lovers, can expect a trip according to their interests and pace, plus a friendly, dedicated and experienced guide when traveling with Rodrigo.